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A proven scalping and day trading strategy & methodology. Using price action and just two indicators! Quick, simple and very clear to learn conditions. One of the most successful scalping and day trading strategies traded by members of Able Trading.
  • Simple and quick to learn conditions!
  • Most trades are closed in 45-60 mins!
  • Members making up to 12% in 30 days! (Proven!)
  • Real trade examples on real live Forex charts!
  • Entry, Stop loss and take profit clearly defined!
  • Mindset and approach guidance to consistency!
  • Flexible to trade around work/study! 
  • Your pathway to being your own boss/own hours!
  • Trade from anywhere with an internet connection!

Richard Seeley

Trader, mentor & education
Richard Seeley is a full time trader from the UK located just north of London in Hertfordshire. Trading for well over a decade Richard decided to embark on sharing his astute and concise trading knowledge to aid others in obtaining the skill of trading the financial markets. With an impressive proven and verified track record coupled with client success in the form of full-time trading, consistent profitability and funded accounts most of which being achieved in under 12 months! The value and expert knowledge Richard brings to the trading education industry is refreshing and welcoming.

Course reviews

"When I first started trading with able I was very much an amateur in my mindset and approach with 5 years of consecutive losing! Over the last 12 months working closely with Richard under his mentorship programme my trading mindset has been completed reprogrammed into a winning pro trader mindset! I picked up the strategy rather quickly due to Richards attentive and adaptive approach. The programme has been very personalised to myself to really dig deep into becoming consistent. We have covered all aspects of swing and day trading with proven strategies and live analysis so the strategies cannot be curve fitted. I wish I would of met Richard and Able 5 years ago and saved wasted time and money! Highly recommend!!"
Jordan Ferrier
Able Trading pro member 
"When I started and got the strategy I thought there was no point in sticking with Richard and that I could improve his strategy but the reality is that I wasn't even capable of following simple rules. I was about to quite and do it by my own and i thought, is this something different than what I have been doing so far in my career as a trader? I was failing to commit to the method. I spent some time evaluating whether to continue being part of Richard's team or not. I'm still with him, and I don't regret it. One of the most positive points is that Richard really cares about his traders. It is not you who is going after him, he is going after you to see your progress and if you need help. Richard is not there just to explain his strategy, he is to make you think like a professional trader. After many mentors and 6 years in this world of trading, the point that I valuate the most is his dedication to make you a better trader"
Daniel Pelli
Able Trading member
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